The Ashbaugh Family

Do you wish to join a list just for Ashbaugh family members? Well we have the list for you!

This list is for the purpose of Ashbaugh family members sharing information with each other. Any one with the Ashbaugh name is invited and encouraged to join. You may post any information you like regarding the Ashbaugh family. Reunions, news, events, anything! You don't even have to be an Ashbaugh, just related, somewhere, somehow.

To join is simple. Send a message to Keep the subject line blank. Then in the body of the message, type subscribe ashbaughfamily Nothing more, nothing less. (NO PUNCTUATION, NO CAPITALS, NO EXTRA SPACES) If you want to subscribe to the list but are not sending a message from your own e-mail program, then, type subscribe ashbaugh your@email_here.

Any message that you wish to send to members of the group should be mailed to .

Thanks. I hope to be hearing from a lot of Ashbaugh's!

Rev. John D. Ashbaugh

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