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   Posted by Rev. John D. Ashbaugh, PA-C on 06/27/00 at 5:43 PM

Subject:   Descendants of Andrew Ashbaugh

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I've seen in several lists that have been given me the name John Reader Long attached either to Polly Ashbaugh (Henry, Andrew Ashbaugh, Johann Heinrich Eschbach) or her sister Catherine with similar or identical lists of children. The childrens names attached are:
Mary Long
John J. Long
Susan Beach Long
Elizabeth Bliss Long
Catherine Lowther Long
Andrew J. Long
Margaret Townsend Long
William A. Long

Who's who here? Is Catherine or Polly the spouse of John Reader Long? Who are the Children of Henry (Andrew Ashbaugh, Johann Heinrich Eschbach)?



Rev. john D. Ashbaugh, PA-C


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