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   Posted by John Ashbaugh on 09/25/02 at 7:51 AM

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In Reply to: Re: Materials posted by Eileen Bapst on 09/19/02 at 4:21 PM:

: : : I have a list of sources on microfiche of Ashbaugh research for anyone who is interested. : While they may not provide conclusive evidence they can provide great clues. I am still trying to establish which of the : brothers my relatives were decended through. I am a decendant of Sarah Ann Ashbaugh,John Ashbaughand Catherine : Sarver, His father is supposed to be Thomas Ashbaugh who was the son of Frederick Ashbaugh son of Johann Heinrich: Eschbaugh. Anyone have any help?

Ahnentafel Chart for Sarah Anna ASHBAUGH

First Generation

1. Sarah Anna ASHBAUGH was born 26 Sep 1833 in Westmoreland, PA. She died 19 Feb 1904 in East Liverpool, Ohio.
Sarah married Allen Victor SHEPHERD on 31 Aug 1854 in Pike Co., Ohio. Allen was born 1828 in Brown Co., Ohio. He died 1866.

Second Generation

2. John ASHBAUGH was born 7 Jul 1791 in Louden County, PA. He died 30 Oct 1871 in Columbiana County, Ohio. John married Catherine SARVER on 28 May 1822 in Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pa..
From Kelly Ashbaugh [osvprod@aol.com]
Indicates 7-9-1785 as date of birth for John Gettysburg, PA
marriage 4-3-1823 in Greensburg, PA (Westmoreland County]
death 10-30-1871
3. Catherine SARVER was born about 1791 in Louden Co., PA. She died.
some sources indicate 4-3-1823 for maraige of John and Catherine

Third Generation

4. Henry ASHBAUGH was born 11 Oct 1770 in Mt. Joy Township., Adams, PA. He died BET. 1813 - 1862. Henry married Susanna RUMMEL.
5. Susanna RUMMEL was born 1770 in Adams Co., PA. She died after 20 Aug 1850.
There is a possibility that the last name of Susannah is Kemmein and that all Rummel connections are in error.
Catherine and Polly may have been one and the same person. If not they may have been twins or born the same year and one would have married the other's husband after the former's death.

Fourth Generation

8. Andrew ASHBAUGH was born BET. 1735 - 1741 in York County, Pa.. He died 12 Mar 1814 in Pennsylvania. Andrew married Maria Odessina Artimesia KUNTZ on 1758 in Pennsylvania.
Genealogical Reports for the Historical Society of York Co., Vol.XXII, pp.30-36 (1939):
Taxables of 1783, York County, PA -
Andrew ASHBOUGH of Mount Joy Twp., 120 acres
1 house, 1 outhouse, 4 horses, 7 cows, 15 sheep
6 males, 2 females; valuation L283.12.0, tax L4.14.6

Andrew ESHBAUGH or ASHBOUGH, member of the Fifth Class of the Inhabitants of Mountjoy Township, classified under an Act of Assembly passed in 1780, entitled "An Act to compleat the Quota of the Federal Army;" each class was "required to provide, in fifteen Days from this Date [January 30, 1781], one able-bodied Recruit for the Continental Army, to serve during the War," under penalty of a fine of L15.0.0 specie: this class furnished a recruit.

Andrew owned 120 acre farm known as "Andrews Burgh" & "Speedwell" in Mountjoy Twp., Adams Co., PA. He was known as both a farmer & a potter. His estate was appraised at $1586.10. Andrew may have been born 1.) in Germany immediately before his parents emigrated to America; 2.) on board the ship; or 3.) in Philadelphia, immediately after his parents landed. Andrew ASHBOCH/ASHBOUGH appears in Mt. Joy Twp., Adams Co., PA censuses of 1800 & 1810.
9. Maria Odessina Artimesia KUNTZ was born 1735. She died 1818 in Pennsylvania.
10. George RUMMEL was born about 1731 in Kleeburg, Bergzabern, Zweibruken, Germany. He died 9 Nov 1810 in Straban Twp., Adams Co., PA. George married Catherine SCHECRON.
Jacob and Michael Rummell arrived at the port of Philadelphia on the ship Christian on 13 Sep
1749, Thomas Brady Captain, from Rotterdam. George may have accompanied them but was too young to have to
register. He may also be the Jorg Philip Rummel who arrived with Jacob and Elisabetha Rummel on the ship
Sandwich that arrived in Philadelphia November 30, 1750

George Rummel and Catharine Schedron were sponsors at the baptism of Catharine Elizabeth Rummell child of
Jacob and Salome Schwinck/Schneck Rummell in 1752. Jacob and Salome Rummell were sponsors at the baptism of
George Jacob Rummell child of George and Catharine Rummell in 1758. Jacob Rummell was born 6 Sep 1726,
married Salome Schwinck on 8 Apr 1749, and died 4 May 1759. Salome married second to George Gump 16 Jul
1770 and died 20 Sep 1793. All referenced in Rummel(l) file at the York County Historical Society, York PA.

From the Centinel Gettysburg Adams Co, PA newspaper dated November 14, 1810.
"On the 9th instant, in the 79th year of his age, Mr. GEORGE RUMMELL, of this borough."

Adams Co PA Will Book A, page 100, probated 29 Aug 1810

In the Name of God Amen I George Rummel of the Township of Straban in the County of Adams and state of
Pennsylvania. Being weak in body but of sound mind an memory and understanding. Blessed be God for the
same, but considering the uncertainty of this Transitory life, do make and publish this my last will and
Testament in manner and form following, to wit, First I order and Direct that all my Just debts and Funeral
Expence be paid and discharged out of my Estate by my Executors hereafter named as soon after my Decease as
they conveniently may have it in their power so to Do -- And as touching all the rest residue and remainder
of my Estate of whatever kind or Nature so ever the same may be in the County of Adams aforesaid or
Elsewhere I give & devise the same in the following manner -- Viz, I order and direct that my daughter
Suffia Intermarried with Jacob Maye my son Jacob Rummel, George Rummel Peter Rummel Christian Rummel and
John Rummel Catherine Intermarried with Conrod Loure, Elizabeth Intermarried with John Loure Susana
Intermarried with Henery Ashbaugh and Barbara Intermarried with Christian Culp have and receive together
with what I have Advanced to them as may apeare from my Book against them as In part the Sum of one hundred
pound Each and to be paid by my Executors to them or their hiers as soon after my Decease as the same Can be
Reased out of my Estate Also I give and Bequeth unto my Daughter Mary Intermarried with Phillip Snell the
Sum of one Hundred pound and to be charged as afored with what I have Advanced her as may apeare from my
Book in part thereof and to be paid to her heirs or their Lawfull guardians and to paid by my Executors as
soon after my Decae as they Can Rease the Same out of my Estate and the Same to be put out to Interest and
the Interest arising there from to be paid unto my said Daughter Mary Annully In during her Natrual life and
after her Deceace to be Divided to and amongst her then surviving Children sheare and shear alike. Also It
is my will and I Order and Direct that after the sum of one hundred pounds be completed and paid to Each of
my Children Including the Said Sum what I have to Each Advanced, Excepting my son Henery to Whom I have
alredy Advanced his one Hundred pound in the Seal of his land, and my Daughter Mary which Ballanse now due
of her Hundred pound is to be paid to her hiers or to Remain In my Executor hands but for her use aforesaid,
which Ever her and my Said Executors may think most advisable and convenient. It is my will And I Order and
Direct that all the Residue and Remainder of my Estate after the payment of my Debts and the aforesaid
Legaceys be equally Divided to and amongst all my Children Shear and Shear alike excepting my daughter Mary
Shear which I allow to be put to Interest Either by the Guardian of her Children by by my Executors which
Ever my said Executors and my Said Daughter Mary shall think most advisable. and the interest arising
therefrom to be paid to her annully enduring her Natural life and after her deceace to be paid to her then
surviving Children Shear and Shear alike, and to be paid by my Said Executor to my Said Children or their
hears as Soon after my Deceace as the money can be collected from the sales of my Land which I have sold and
to be paid to them in rotations as followeth first to my Daughter Suffia Intermarried with Jacob May, then
to Jacob Rummel and So on paying Each their full Shear off Acordingly in Rotation or to their Lawfull Hiers
or Representatives.

And lastly I do nominate Constitute and Appoint my loving son Peter Rummell and my loving Son in law
Christian Culp to be the Joint Executors of this my last will and Testament hereby Revoking all other wills
by me heretofore made and Declaring this and no Other to be my last will and Testament. In Witness whereof
I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fifteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord one Thousand
Eight Hundred and Eight.

Jeorg Rummel

Signed sealed published _____ & declared by the said testator as his last will and Testament in the presents
of us who in his presence and at his request have hereunto subscribed our name as Witnesses. John Semples,
William Gilliland
11. Catherine SCHECRON was born about 1732. She died.

Fifth Generation

16. Johann Heinrich ESCHBACH was born 1706 in Germany. He died 1789 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Johann married Maria Elizabetha UNKNOWN before 1738.
Johann Heinrich Eschbach came to the United States landing in the port of Philadelphia on September 5, 1738 aboard the ship the "Winter Galley" which had set sail from Rotterdam, Holland. Johann is listed among the passengers of the ship as among the Palatine and others. Upon his entry in the port of Philadelphia, he signed his allegiance to the King of England, and from this the signature of Johann Heinrich Eschbach is available.
17. Maria Elizabetha UNKNOWN died 1792 in Huntingdon County, Pa..
Research has suggested several suggestions for Mary Elizabetha's last name. Among these are 1)Hahn. Henry's youngest child was Elizabeth (1749-1751), who died at the age of two years, seven months. The death record notes that her mother was the sister-in-law of Henry Antes, who married Susanna Hahn May 28, 1793 (I have not seen this documentation). 2) Mereck - based on presumption of adherance to traditions and is based on how the godparents of the children and others are related to the family, 3)Antes - this is incorrect as research has confirmed that this Johann Heinrich is not related to us but is the Johann Heinrich Eschbach of Faulkner Swamp. (there have been other possibilities but as of yet there is no definitive documentation! Henry Ashbaugh and Mary Elizabeth may have even met aboard the Winter Galley, which carried 139 men and 112 women and children.
20. Jacob RUMMEL was born about 1698 in Germany. He died. Jacob married Elizabetha ERNST.
21. Elizabetha ERNST was born 4 Feb 1694 in Lentzburg, Berne, Switzerland. She died.


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